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Welcome to the Hopman homepage. Here you can find music, pictures, news and whatever else about Hopman alias Christian Höpfner and his music. Enjoy!

Hopman biography

Hopman's career started in 1993 in collaboration with a guitarist. Two album were recorded: "Without...secrets?!" (1995) and "Sense" (1997). In 1998 the first solo album called "4 letter words & exceptions" was recorded on a four track cassette machine. Following albums were "A" (2002) and "Intermission" (2004) which also were four track recordings.

The preference for analog sound has stayed until this very day. The fact that during the years Hopman has turned out to be a one man band made the need for more tracks more and more obvious.

So the EP "HELLO..." (2010) was the first recording that (partly from analog tapes) ended up on the digital machine, and so does the latest album "Epitome" (2013) which was entirely performed and recorded by the author in his home studio.

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